Officer Wellness Training


Blue Watch can design presentations or workshops for the specific needs of individual agencies.

Decades of experience working in public safety and as a health educator enable Sergeant Brian Casey to speak in simple and relatable terms about the most pressing mental and emotional issues police officers and other public safety personnel encounter. He provides to both individuals and agencies the necessary skills and insights for purposeful and deliberate action.

Topics include:

▪ Cop Think: Why the Police Do What They Do

▪ Stress, Mood and Thought

▪ Fitness, Exercise and Nutrition

▪ Sleep

▪ Critical Incidents and Traumatic Events

▪ General Mental and Emotional Distress

▪ Behavioral Health Crisis

▪ Alcohol

▪ Struggle and Change

▪ Peer Support and Early Intervention

▪ Inner Life and Outer Life

▪ Purpose-Centered Policing